Camp Woodland

 The camp gets the sun all day as it faces the south and west.  The water front is excellent for swimming and deep enough to just throw a line in. Just outside the cabin door is a knoll surrounded by pine trees with a picnic table overlooking the lake. The morning sun beams through the trees from the east warming up the camp site. A short walk to the north of the cabin takes you to a small double waterfall and the source of the Gibson River which eventually flows in to Georgian Bay. The pool located  at the bottom of the falls is full of pan fish. Following the north shore to the west are several marshy inlets with shallows and reeds opening up into the lake.

Camp Woodland is the only camp and structure on the lake. At the present time access by ATV's has never been accomplished. Campers in canoes occasionally paddle through the lake on route to Georgian Bay.

Your in luck

 The main room has a double bed and above it a single. Up above is a loft with two single beds accessed by a ladder. The bathroom is behind the main room with a rain water tap and sink as well as a composting toilet.  The bunkie which presently sleeps one but can be upgraded to two is just a few steps away. All the pots and pans,dishes cutlery and cooking utensil are all there. Under the counter are two USB solar powered cell phone  chargers and several cords.   Bell and Rogers celluar network  signals are strong all around the lake. Cabin lighting at night is provided by LED. bulbs powered from solar  panels and batteries.

Created by Robert Nelles / Nelles Aviation Ltd.