Camp Boleau

As of the spring of 2018 this camp is now owned by Lake Country Airways of Orillia Ontario. Their contact info is on this site. Or just call Dan or myself for info. 

The cabin  at Camp Boleau pronounced "boy ya" is roomy. It faces south, the porch has screens on the south and east sides. In the  kitchen the sink has running water supplied from a solar powered electric pump. There are two systems to light up the cabin at night, use the three solar lights or the propane lanterns. Two fifty pound propane bottles keep the fridge working. There is a USB jack and a supply of charge cords for most electronic devices, both Bell and Rogers signals work well at the camp. During the 2016 winter we hope to replace the existing old outhouse with a new plastic PolyJohn. All the pots pans and dishes you will need are already there.The mattresses are covered in plastic so all  you will need is a pillow and sleeping bag. A Kerosene heater is under the sink along with the kerosene. There is a three burner propane stove top and a big barbeque outside. It's only a short walk to a couple of smaller  private docks to the south and to the west. Last winter 14/15 a moose frequented the swamp to the immediate west of the cabin, I would imagine that it is his domain and that he's still around.

Created by Robert Nelles / Nelles Aviation Ltd.